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whoisevander said: Got any recommendations for stuff the cast has done outside of Community?

Joel was really good in the The Informant! .

My favorite movie of Gillian is Gardens of the night

And you should watch Mad men to see that Alison Brie is a fantastic actress.

Last Week I downloaded Season 1 of SNL to see how awesome chevy chase was back in the days :p

Donald Glover a.k.a Childish Gambino is a really good rapper :)

Jim rash is a academy award winner, you should watch The Descendants.

and Ken jeong is in the The hangover trilogy…

and The only movie of Yvette that I saw was Tropic thunder lol

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  1. embarrasingpoems said: Yvette was also Josh’s boss in Drake&Josh!
  2. d-structman said: Donald Glover was also part of a comedy troupe called ‘Derrick Comedy’. They are very funny, and have quite a few videos online.
  3. i-hope-you-can-hear-me said: Yvette is also in “Ugly Truth” which is hilarious because she references that movie as Shirley.
  4. saharbearofhogwarts said: If it helps, Yvette was really popular as Helen in the TV show “Drake and Josh”. it’s basically her being Shirley without the children and the heaven
  5. katranga said: Yvette was in an ep of The Office, too. Season three or four maybe?
  6. the-thing-withfeathers said: Yvette was in Drake & Josh as Helen
  7. frecklesonthenoseoflife said: Gambino is the BEST rapper.
  8. featherquiills said: Yvette was on Drake and Josh!!!!
  9. colizard said: Yvette was in Drake and Josh, aha
  10. blueeyedwhore said: I’m sure someone already said this, but Yvette is also in (a pretty much non-speaking role) for 500 Days of Summer.
  11. amufing said: If you want more Donald Glover check out Derrick Comedy on youtube, fantastic sketch group
  12. lightltup said: Isn’t this what imdb is for?
  13. shewhohangsoutincemeteries said: Check out the movie The Three Amigos for Chevy from his younger days. It’s got him, Steve Martin and Martin Short. It’s hilarious
  14. debussigh said: danny.. had.. a funny t mobile commercial?
  15. joanthedeductionist said: alison had a supporting role in the 5 year engagement, which i really enjoyed (+ has a lot of people from different tv shows in so it was p cool spotting them all)