Community Things.


So… yeah. Here we are. February 7th. October 19th.

When I thought up this idea I had no idea it would have such a huge impact and such a huge following- we got 1000 tumblr followers within a week and, well, I’m still not over that. The cast saw our fan video, there are actual cool fan videos made with the hashtag in mindthere’s that one article about it that made it sound like I actually had a plan (which was when I realized I had to step up my game, holy shit) and I’m pretty sure the cast saw the blog. Oops. This all totally got away from me, by the way- I don’t actually know what I’ve been doing. So Winnie and Asya were a huge help with this whole thing. Thank you guys so much for helping out, I really could not have done any of this alone. Obviously. (Sorry, still not over the fact that this whole thing actually happened I really don’t know what I’m doing.)

And now for more thanks. I had promised I would do this at the end of each oweek, but I thought it would be more October 19th to do it this way, today. On October 19th. The fandom weeks obviously would not have been a success without you guys, and I’d like to thank a few especially active bloggers throughout each fandom:

And, um, I’m terrible at text posts (and if you’ve been following this blog, you’re probably well aware of that). So… this is it. The episode airs in a few hours. We’ve made it. We’re here.

And don’t forget to watch- well, you know what to do.

Thank you, human beings.


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