Community Things. - Horse-bot 3000: marcydarcy: So, let’s talk about Britta. I’ve seen a lot of people who...

Horse-bot 3000: marcydarcy: So, let’s talk about Britta. I’ve seen a lot of people who...


So, let’s talk about Britta.

I’ve seen a lot of people who are disappointed with how the character has developed into season 3, and I can totally understand that, but here is my take on her development.

Britta started off the series as the cool anarchist, with lots of worldly experience. She came off as confident and smart, and really somewhat snobbish at times with her moral highroad and relentless human rights advocacy. Over time however, Britta has become the butt of everyone’s teasing and this seems to have upset numerous fans of the character who feel that she has been dumbed down. But I would argue that she hasn’t been dumbed down so much as that Britta has come to accept that she is not as cool and cultured as she was always trying to be.

Think back to the first episode where she tells Jeff that she dropped out of Highschool and joined the Peace Corps because she wanted to impress Radiohead. Though maybe exaggerated, I think it is true that a lot of what Britta used to do was done to create this image of the cool rebel. Not to say that she didn’t believe in any of the causes or anything, I really believe she does hold those issues close to her heart, but that in general Britta often used her worldly experience and knowledge to put herself above others and create this perfect image.

Now, as time has gone by she has become more comfortable with the group. They all have their flaws and they have all been exposed to each other’s flaws. What I’ve found from getting to know people is that the closer you get to them, the weirder they get and the more you feel comfortable to be weird around other people. You feel better saying and doing stupid shit around them, and it’s not because you’ve gotten any stupider (we’re all stupid about some things), it’s because you start to realize that these people are not going to stop being your friends just because you’re not the perfect person you may have originally been acting as.

And that’s what I think has happened with Britta up until now. Just because she’s more accepting that she doesn’t know everything and that she tends to do stupid shit, doesn’t mean she’s dumb. Hell, the smartest people I know tend to be the weirdest people I know, and who seriously do the stupidest shit. She’s embracing the quirky, weirdo she is in a group of some of the quirkiest weirdos I’ve ever seen.

And yeah, the study group can be really tough on her. It’s easy to get swept up in making fun of friends sometimes and not know where exactly the line is, but in the latest episode they really stepped up for Britta and supported her.

I guess the point is that I see some of myself in Britta. I am a smart person when it comes to certain subjects, and I can be grounded and have common sense…but I’m not perfect, I’m dumb at a lot of subjects, completely ignorant of others, and around people I love I can act like a fucking idiot. And really, that’s what I love about my friends, and I think that’s what the study group has found in each other.

So how about we all just let Britta sing her awkward song? ;)

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