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Anonymous asked: From that "Favorite Britta Perry hairstyles" that you just reblogged, is there a larger version of the top right gif where Britta rests her chin on her hand while looking at Jeff in Cooperative Escapism In Familial Relations?

i don’t know ;/


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Favorite Britta Perry hairstyles.
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How Community's Dean Pelton broke new ground for sexual politics on television


A well argued and well written article about one of my favorite shows on TV. As the Dean would say, it’s Deanarific.

This is cool. Last month, I wrote a paper about this :D

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"What does this look like, an hour long episode of the Office?"

"What does this look like, an hour long episode of the Office?"

a-restless-dream asked: for the anon: it is 5:40 pm eastern time, which means the episode is in 2 hours and 20 minutes (or 8 pm eastern time.)

here’s your answer, Anon!

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Anonymous asked: Sorry to bother you, but how many hours is it until the episode starts? I'm from Europe and I'm not quite sure how the US time zones work.

i’m not sure either.

I live in Brazil there’s like 1 or 2 hours of difference.

But I always wait for the download and I usually get to see before midnight.

anyways, I’ll try to post something before the episode starts!

stay awake!

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You know, I once loved a two.

Oh, look at how they walk!

But she’s in so deep/ You know she’s such a fool for him/ She’s got a ring around her finger ah-ah-ah/ And Abed hired and Irish singer/ Britta’s marrying/ Britta’s marrying/ Britta’s marrying Jeffrey Winger!

Anonymous asked: Greetings from Greece! Congrats for your work, you really make me love Community more than words can say! Well, I think seaon 5 is great (apart from episodes 6 and 7, which were just good) and I am looking forward for the next season. And I have some thoughts about it and correct me if I'm wrong. I read that the renewal of the show is likely to happen, but I really hope NBC cancels Community so Hulu or Netflix get the 6th season, maybe the more than 13 episodes. What do you think?

Hello Greece! :D

I believe in the sixth season!

And the movie, of course.

But I don’t think it goes to Netflix or Hulu. I believe NBC is stupid but not THAT stupid.

more than 13 episodes would be great. But that’s not really a netflix tradition, is it?

I’ll be happy enough with 13 episodes. I hope it stays on NBC.

And OUR movie will be awesome :D

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